Framework7 CLI for Cordova App with Vue.JS

Hello, I’m following the installation doc for the framework7 cli, and when I create the project I get prompted for a few settings.
I select a cordova App for Native Android & iOS with VueJS and it generates a cordova project inside another project.
However the cordova project is empty and all the VueJS components are outside of it, the WebApp that runs with “npm run dev” looks great, however that’s not within the cordova folder so I can’t preview it on Android.

Am I missing something here? I guess I’m not doing it right, is there a way to use the cli to generate cordova templates?


Read the file in created project folder, it has some extra instructions

Oh thanks, my bad totally.
Also, when you create your project you get asked for a color for your brand or anything.

Is there a way to change that once the project has been created?
Like without changing every single component.
Is the hex color defined in any specific file?