Framework7-cli suggestions

Here are 2 suggestions, which I think could come in handy lots of times:

It would be great, if F7-cli would save the latest choices (e.g. App-Type, Project Name, etc… but especially Theming and Custom Build settings).

Even better, if there was a way to save multiple ‘profiles’, so you can quickly spin-up a new project from a saved setting.

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I have an idea, better to add to the UI button to import/export project settings. So on the new project creation we can just import settings from json file, saved/exported from another project


Jep - that’s basically the same thing :wink:

And: it would be cool, if the created project contained an auto-incrementor, which increments the plugin-version on every build-prod, e.g.:

npm run build-prod -major (or minor or patch)

You mean increment the version field in package.json?

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Exactly - would be nice if it were there out of the box

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Above suggestions would be appreciated / welcome :grinning:

I also have another suggestion to include LocalForage as optional part of a PWA.
This is not a big thing but I expect applicable for most PWA’s to support local storage. (<- two words)

I suggest LocalForage because it seems more popular then Dexie.js and Pouch.db.

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