Framework7 cordova build android did not update the apk based on www changes

I made changes in www folder. after run framework7 cordova build android, the apk build is not updated as in www root folder. Why is that? Do I need to manually copy the files in www root into \cordova\www ?

You should make changes to src


I believe this is the standard structure for F7 version 5 now:


There is no more src folder. I do coding in www folder.

Then I run cli framework7 cordova build android, I expect it to auto copy the www content into cordova/www. Seem like it did not.

I wonder is this normal? We need to copy it manually to cordova/www then build the apk?
Thank you.

Actually /www folder has the generated build for simple web apps. You should work in /src

Check your npm scripts, i guess you should run npm run build-cordova

your right. this command npm run build-cordova did work. It automatically copy files from www into cordova/www and build the apk correctly.

I did try npm run build-cordova-android-dev and npm run build-cordova-android-prod before based on the documentation. Unfortunately it give me an error.