Framework7 Core v5.0.4 npm run build-prod-cordova-android Stuck on Build Complete

“npm run build-prod-cordova-android” after run this CLI, build stuck on complete and couple of hour spend to wait for it but no response. Before this (5.0.4) Version I was using this
“framework7”: “^4.4.7”

“framework7”: “^5.0.4” Screen Short ------>

“framework7”: “^4.4.7” Screen Short ------>

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:


My problem is just like you

Looking for a solution? :slight_smile:

Looking for a solution? :slight_smile:

@nolimits4web any solution for this issue?

Framework7-CLI version: 3.0.5
Framework7:  5.0.5

I am also having the same issues.

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anybody fixed this problem??


If you are doing less for Android and IOS. then no issue for you. after Build Complete. then press ctr + c and type “y” and Enter for run this command. Then type this command for run and also for build.

"framework7 cordova run android"
"framework7 cordova build android"


I too am facing similar problems - sometimes it builds ok, but 80% of the time it just hangs and I have to force close it - need a fix quick

Here is an other discussion on the topic:

Same issue here.

@Hadley solution really works, because the build is in fact complete.

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This worked for me, but when i run the app, it loaded the spalsh screen and said device is Cordova device is ready.