Framework7 Duplicated Pages - Ajax Problem

I have a multi view app:

var mainView = app.views.create('.view-main', {

var categoriesView = app.views.create('#view-categories', {
var discoverView = app.views.create('#view-discover', {
var searchView = app.views.create('#view-search', {
var pagesView = app.views.create('#view-pages', {

and my app configuration is bellow:

  var app = new Framework7({
          root: '#app',
          theme: 'ios',
          tapHold: true,
          pushState: true,
          domCache: true,
            swipeout: {
            noFollow: true,
            removeElements: false,
          sheet: {
          init: false,
          on: {
            pageInit: function (e, page) { etc.

My problem : If i’m in page1.html?abc=1 and then click in other page with the same url but with different params (page1.html?abc=2), ajax doesnt load.

(page1.html?abc=1 is a product page and has related products inside that have unique ids (abc=number)).

When i click to them I want to go to their page (page1.html?abc=something) and in DOM i want to have page1.html?abc=1->page1.html?abc=2.

Is that possible?

In other words same page url with different params saved in DOM.

First of all, what version of F7 do you use? I see you have a mix of v1 and v2-3 parameters.

If it is v2/3 what is in your routes for links you are trying to navigate to?

I use v3 and the Route is :

path: ‘/item_profile/:id/’,
url: ‘pages/item_profile.html?id={{id}}’,

The Proccess:

Let’s suppose that we are on the page (index.html), then i see a product in this page and i go to /item_profile/1/ . In this page i can click on a button for related products (/related/ - > related.html). Then when i find the related product, i can click it and go to its page (/item_profile/2/ - > pages/item_profile.html?id={{id}} ).

So, in DOM I should have index.html->item_profile.html?id=1-> related.html -> item_profile.html?id=2 (This page doesnt load, i think it loads but instead of a new step forward, it loads in the existing item_profile.html?parameter and in DOM i have index.html->item_profile.html?id=2-> related.html-> broken page.

In other words it loads in the second DOM Page ( (item_profile.html?id=1 becomes item_profile.html?id=2) ) instead of new one. I want to keep in DOM pages with same urls but with different params.

I have set allowDuplicateUrls:true.

SOLVED! I just added:

view: {
    uniqueHistory: true,

and deleted StackPages from view. But I want to keep only the first view stacked (data-name=“Home”) . Can I do that?