Framework7 for PhoneGap multiplatform application, switch between iOS and Material is automatic?

Dear community,
I need to implement an hybrid mobile app for Android and iOS. I’m looking for the solution Framework7 + PhoneGap. I’ve seen that Framework7 includes css to replicate look and feel of both Android and iOS. Question: is Framework7 able to automatical switch the look and feel based on the app (Android app or iOS app) or do I need to implement 2 different apps (1 for Android and 1 for iOS) or maybe I need to implement a specific custom check on the load of the application?
Furthermore, how can I add some differences between the iOS version and the Android version? e.g. in android I want the menu on the top and in iOS on the bottom

thank you for your help!


Set theme: "auto" in app parameters and it will switch theme automatically

Thank you! What about insert some differenze between the 2 platforms? Is there a way to say: “for Android use these set for resources (html, css, js…) while for IOS us another set” or I need to play hiding and showing the html elements based on the platform?

We used two ways:

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