Framework7 Icons Browser issues [Vue/Cordova Project]

Hey All - I’ve just updated FM7 icons from v1 to current. I have an app built from FM7, Vue, Cordova, Webpack and a few other things.
I’ve got my Android and iOS projects rendering out perfectly so all good on the production side. However, I do a lot of ui and initial dev testing on browser (thanks Cordova!). After a recent update (it was actually hell for me!) from Cordova 6 to Cordova 8, Android APi28 I’m thankful to up and running.

My issue is I don’t seem to get the new icons rendering in the browser platform correctly. Have I overlooked something simple here or does someone else have any experience here?

Cordova 8.1.0, Platforms
android 8.1.0
browser 5.0.4
ios 4.5.5

Some icons show, but incorrectly however most just don’t show anything.

I installed via NPM, added the css file, and font paths are correct. iOS and Android perfect, issue is solely with Browser platform.

Thanks for your comments and suggestions!

Then you need to update icon names you use in code as well. Many of them changed in latest version

Thanks so much. I have already done that. I forgot how many places I had icons!

See attached image, which shows browser vs. iOS emulator vs. Android Emulator. You can see icons render just fine on the emulator (and I can say physical device) its just the browser version that is not working as expected.

As stated we just use the browser platform internally, but would be great to resolve this non the less. Note this is FM7 v1

Left screen looks like you are using new icon names but old icon font itself. Could also be a caching issue

It surely must be. Just opened up browser Safari vs Chrome, and Safari is fine. Thanks so much for your help I should be able to resolve this!

Doing a bit more homework here it appears Chrome is not loading the fonts. Network inspector has NO font download, where safari does.
I’m really not sure where to go here. Could this be a path issue? Is there a CDN for the font I can try for my browser version?
Very much appreciate your responses Vladimir.