Framework7-icons React Typescript

After converting my app to Typescript and upgrading Framework7 dependencies, I noticed that on ElectronJS the icons aren’t showing, but on Safari or Chrome, or even on ElectronJS dev tools works and renders…

Here is the path that I’m declaring in index.js:

// Icons are on local
import "./css/icons.css";

Also did try change path to node_modules instead of local:

// Icons node_modules
import "framework7-icons/css/framework7-icons.css";

This is how I use mostly in components:

<NavLeft backLink="Back"></NavLeft>

What I’ve tried so far:

  1. I did try to downgrade the icons as well, no luck
  2. Changing the path to icons as I’ve mentioned above

Looks like the usage of Icons were outdated

// Old
<Icon  md="material:keyboard" color="white"></Icon>
// New
<Icon material="keyboard" color="white"></Icon>

And the backlink was showing just with the “Back” text