Framework7 kitchen sink on android 4.4.2


Update: I just installed 4.4, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0 and 8.0 version of android in android studio’s emulator. 4.4 and 5.0 still have the glitchy animation and problem with pages that has scripts. 6.0 doesn’t have either problem, but the animation is a bit laggy. Whereas 7.0 and up no longer have animation lag or bugs.

I’m using F7 + phonegap, and it’s working well on my ipad and iphone, but not so well on my android phone, which is 4.4.2. I don’t have another android phone with a different version to test it and apparently bluestacks is 4.4.2 as well.

I’m also using weinre for debugging, nothing showing up in the console. And the problems exist in both ios and material themes.

Here are the problems I’ve encountered.

  1. accordion’s open animation is bugged for me. When I click/tap on the accordions, it first opens then closes then opens. However, the close animation is just fine.

  2. page won’t open if the page has JS in it. So pages like action-sheet, autocomplete, won’t open. Not only that, after I click on those pages with JS in it, no other pages can open and I am forced to reload the app to open the other pages. On weinre, there are no elements added in, as in the page-next div isn’t added in, after tapping those pages.

And here’s what I did to setup the project.

  1. phonegap new blank project.
  2. delete everything in PG project www folder and move kitchen sink folder content to www folder.
  3. change css/js path in index.html
    That’s it, works fine on ios, not so much in my android phone or bluestacks, whether in phonegap developer app or after building it with phonegap build.

Is there something special I need to do with android? Or is this a phonegap issue?

If you like you can try my project:
It’s a webpack/npm template to build phonegap app with f7, vue.js and GraphCMS but it should also work without vue and GraphCMS.

Thank you, I’ll take a look right now.

Look a post below about F7 v2 and Android 4.4 too