Framework7 latest router compared to router in v1

Hi, I still use the Framework7 v1 (1.7.1) version, because I like how the router works (if I use a link to a view like <a href=vehicles-${vehicle}.html class=itemlist> without needing to pass the path with a router configuration like I saw in the new version.

It’s possible to use the latest version to load pages like the example above? Without needing to use the router configuration, just using direct links?

I ask because my app generates all content dynamically (even the left menu) and I have more than 1000 pages, which will be a pain to edit the routes manually .

In latest router, you can make dynamic paths like /vehicles/:vehicle/ so you don’t need to specify routes for 1000 pages

Nice, also can I use the routes like I use right now in v1 like for example simple <a href="somepage.html">Some page</a> without configuring the router file mentioned in the docs?
Something like a direct link it’s possible?

No, direct links are not supported