Framework7.min.js:12 [Intervention] Ignored attempt to cancel a touchend


I have build an Android app with Framework 7 and cordova, sometime when I start the app I get this error:
framework7.min.js:12 [Intervention] Ignored attempt to cancel a touchend

Any idea why please?

Thank you.

It is not the issue, just ignore it

Thanks, I checked my app everywhere for memory leaks, found a great live tool in chrome for it, the only issue I have is when the scrolling happens at the same time that the side bar opens. No errors in the chrome console either apart from that one above. It has to be something to do with framework 7. I will have to hide the navbar then as there is pretty much no code of my own, just framework 7 on Android 8 cordova.

No worry I will find a work around it by hiding the header bar when the scrolling takes place.

Could be some JS error. Maybe you can capture a screen video to show the issue?