Framework7 Notifications for existing website?


I really like the Framework7 Notifications. I would like to be able to have only the ios notifications on my existing website (That currently doesn’t have Framework7 on it) as a popup.

The problem is that it seems like I have to create a new site with Framework7 and start all over again just to use the ios notification popup. I would really like if I could keep my current website, but add in the ios notification popup to it.

Is there a way to do it?

Framework7 components by default can’t be used without and outside of Framework7. You can try to implement it on your own by inspecting its styles and JS and reworking it for your needs

So I could insert these javascript in my pages, and it would work? Or would have to use the framework7 css? (The css seems to mess up my website’s current style :thinking:)

No, this for example and for understanding how things work there. It won’t work if you just insert them, because as i said they are designed to be used with Framework7 only. So you need to implement it on your website on your own

By adding the javascript codes that you linked to? Or what style could i use to make it work? I’m confused.

or would I have to get code from it and code it on my own? That might be too hard :thinking: