Framework7 Roadmap

I have a couple of questions before I invest myself heavily into this framework.

  1. What is the roadmap for framework7?
  2. The 7 attached to the name always bugs me does it mean when the framework reaches v7 it dies or it continues?
  3. What’s the possibility of using F7 with WebGL?

I’m a Cordova developer, using Framework7 for years and can really recommend starting your journey with Framework7. Comparing it with other frameworks, and while diving in the source code many times, it is really good developed and future proof.

  1. I think the 7 derrives from the very first version, which was build to imitate the iOS 7 interface.
  2. So no need to worry :slight_smile:
  3. You can use any Cordova or web/html5 api like WebGL, this is independant from Framework7.

Forgot to mention that @nolimits4web is a really nice guy. Always trying to help, and quickly fixing bugs, if found.

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