Framework7 Routing Issue on Android v10, only on second load

I’m developing a Cordova app with Framework7 and Framework7-Vue on Android and iOS. I’ve encountered a very strange bug in the latest builds, when the app routes back to the main screen for the second time in a single run, all routes stop working. This applies both to href buttons as well as to JavaScript triggered view changes. Routing from the main screen to other locations and between locations works multiple times, until you return to the main screen by any method (back or href) at which point all routing stops.

The issue is… this only seems to happen on physical Android devices running Android 10. This bug doesn’t manifest on iOS emulators or iOS physical devices, neither does it happen when the app runs inside a v10 Android emulator or when running inside a browser instance on a desktop. I’ve tried several Android devices and the issue only happens on Android v10 and not any other versions that I’ve tried.

The app is running an older version of Framework7, version 4.5.2 and a very old version of Framework7-Vue, ~2.3. It’s running cordova-android 9.0.0, and I’ve tried removing and re-adding the platform with 9.1.0 and 8.1.0 but the issue persists.

I’m under NDA so I can’t post code samples or screenshots, I’m hoping someone will have seen a similar issue in the past.