Framework7 swiper.slideTo not working with google maps infowindow onclick

I am using google maps to list all my hotels with markers that has an infowindow customized with a click event.

I had to use window.slideToHotel function on Pageinit like this for the click inside infowindow to work, the function runs now but the swiper.slideTo gives me the following error:

TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘swiper.slideTo’)

this is the function onclick:

window.slideToHotel = function(to) {
console.log(to) //this print OK
swiper.slideTo(to, 1000, true); //this line does not work


this is the swiper init to create the swiper:

          var swiper = new Swiper('.swiper-container', {
              spaceBetween: 0,
              slidesPerView: 1,
              slideToClickedSlide: true,
              loop: false,
              lazy: true

the idea here it is show on google maps the hotels using markers and onclick the link inside the infowindow for that marker then I need to slide to the slide that contains the hotel information inside the swiper gallery located below the map view.

The screen shows 50% height half of the screen the google map and below the swiper gallery with hotels images.

any ideas how to make work slideTo inside this function using window ?