Framework7 Toggle. Loop function change event

i have a this toggle in my page:
<f7-toggle color="blue" :checked="is_complete" @change="typeData(is_complete)"></f7-toggle>

When i open my page with data i set if toggle is checked or not but, when i set the toggle start the loop of typeData function.

How i set the toggle if checked or not without start the function ?
I need to start the function only when i change it with manual with my hand.

Thanks in advantage.

Try toggle:change event instead:

<f7-toggle color="blue" :checked="is_complete" @toggle:change="(isChecked) => typeData(isChecked)"></f7-toggle>

Not change when i open my page.

typeData(status) {
      const self = this;
      var $$ = this.Dom7

      if(status == false){
        self.is_complete = true
      if(status == true){
        self.is_complete = false

on init

if(self.is_complete == true){
      is_complete_set = 1
    is_complete_set = 0

Can you help me ? Thanks

It is impossible to understand what you are trying to do. Provide more complete example, better JSFiddle

When page created set che toggle checked or not from value “is_complete”

I need to save the status of toggle in my sqlite database .
How i can get if it’s checked or not ? (from js)
In my car change the value is_complete every change event but this method loop che function.