Framework7 used as a mobile template for existing website

I am new to Framework7, I have an existing eshop and I would like to create native looking mobile version for both Android and iOS. I would like to ask you if Framework7 can be used with my current website, just replacing the styles and some JS, without routing and all the fancy stuff Framework7 has. I just need the UI components working basically. Rest of stuff is taken care of by the website using links and AJAX. Website is running on Laravel with Blade template system, I would like to just replace the current template with Framework7 for now as I need just native looking mobile version. In the future I will build proper Framework7 app using eshops API as a backend. I can imagine it should work, but don’t know if I can for example just redirect to a page after hitting OK in a notification or using Action Sheet and FAB.

Yes, it should work, but you will probably need to disable F7’s router by setting view.router = false parameter

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Nice… Thank you. I kinda overlooked this option, so for now I have modified the framework so it doesn’t grab default links (so I don’t have to add external class to all of them) and added new option to set class for framework links, which are grabbed by the router. But this will probably be better option.

Hi there, i am doing something exactly similar to this. Can you walk me through how you achieved the plain html without routing?

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