Framework7 v.3 : iframe + link

First of all, I’m new to this forum and would like to say a big thanks to the framework7’s creator … It is a wonderful work … and a very useful piece of code for a poor and lonesome html, js, css developper like me.

My first question is which one :

I’ve created a pwa application that contains (in a specific page) an iframe inside … evrythings work good … but i have a problem with links : when I click (to a normal link), it opens navigator application … and close my pwa appli. And of course, I would like to stay inside my iframe (when I click). So I’m wondering if there a is solution to do this job in the application (framework7) side.

my intuition says I can do this work in js like this :
var elmnt = iframe.contentWindow.document.getElementsByClassName(“a”);
and add class ‘link’ or something like that … but I found no way to do this job each time I refresh the iframe page.

Sure there is simpler way to do this job … Sooooo I would like to tap your knowledge.

thanks a lot

I would refuse to use frame
json + template7

Maybe this will help you:

Try to stop using the iframe, this is not the right approach :slight_smile: