Framework7 v1 clear views when clicking link

Hello, I am using framework7 v1 (1.7.1) (because I really like that the router works without needing to specify the routes to the pages) and I would like to know if it’s possible for example when clicking an specific link I go back to index for example and clear all the opened views and views history.

The problem is, if I click multiple pages and want to go back to the main one, I need to go back all the pages to clear the opened views. Example:

Index => I go to page menu_categories => then I go to page vehicles and then I open vehicle_dacia

My history will be:

index, menu_categories, vehicles, vehicle_dacia

Then if I use the left menu which have all those links to access the other category for example menu_bikes I will have the history like this:
index, menu_categories, vehicles, vehicle_dacia, menu_bikes

But what I really wanted was to have something like this:

index, menu_bikes

And all those opened pages gone.
Basically if I click in any link from the left menu I just want to open the new page and clear the ones opened before.
It’s possible?