Framework7 v2.3.0

thank you for v2.3.0
what is the story with v3 ?

Blog post about v3 will be released today at 18:00 GMT+3


“just when i thought i was out…”

you guys are awesome
thank you (and ben)

already waiting for v4

I read your post and see you are promising. I see main difference is instead of vue use framework7, Framework7 use vue.


v3 won’t be a huge update in terms of new features, but it is really huge in terms of ideology.

And huge it is !!!
Very good work and an inspiring decision at an architectural level.

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What will be the implications for those that do not use Vue or React?

Will be required to use the new component syntax?

How about impact in file size?


There won’t be changes for Core (vanilla JS) library