Framework7 V2 AND Vue2 help


I am a bit confused regarding Vue2 and framework 7, is it ok to just install Framework 7 as is and vue 2? As I see some kind framework 7 vue2 packages like here:


Can we just install both “as is”?

Thank you

You need to install vue, framework7 and framework7-vue


Thank you for the reply.
I see, would you mind explaining what the framework7-vue does? Could vue and framework7 work without?
It is important for me to understand everything about the setup processs.

Thank you so much for your help.

framework7-vue is a set of F7 -> Vue components + it makes F7 router work with Vue components

Thanks for the info.
I wanted to learn Vue and Framework 7 separately, I just hope it will work out this way and not make things too complicated :slight_smile: