Framework7 v2 Documentation Released!

Framework7 v2 documentation has been finally released with all new v2 docs and updated website in general. So the first place to check v2 API and usage examples is

There are also few ready to use v2 starter apps templates at

Framework7 Vue website section is still referring to F7-Vue v0.9.x for F7 v1. Framework7 Vue plugin for v2 will be released by the end of January with the documentation update as well.

Happy New Year! :tada::gift::confetti_ball:


is any chance to view v1 doc online?


Great…! I’ll wait for the Vue version and check the issue in toolbar-tabbar example - Tabbar With Labels

Thanks. Is there a way to view old v1 doc ? Also, any chance of adding an upgrade guide to update old apps running on v1 to v2 ?

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Please link to V1 documentation. Thks for V2: awesome!

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V1 is currently available offline at will try to put it online this week

Upgrading guide will also be soon posted at tutorials


:sunglasses: Yeah, quite cool, Vladimir … I can feel the months of hard work behind!
For information - without cache reset in the browser, the website is shown quite buggy!
But after cache reset … very good work!

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Pretty excited to use Framework7 but on 1/5/18 link to is 404, plz halp!

There is no and shouldn’t be such page.

In page the release date is showing January 2, 2017, but it was released in 2018 :slight_smile:

Any updates about Vue Documentation

Plan to do it by the end of January

Is there a migration document for going from 1.x to 2.x ? If not, I fear many people (myself included) will never migrate because there is simply too many pieces to sift through in order to find the breaking changes.

Thank you so much for V2.
But, Please, Please, Please make V1 docs available. Migrating to V2 will likely take some time, and we need to maintain our V1 solutions for a while.

v1 docs are right here:

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I just finished migrating. Very little stayed the same. Many of the components have new HTML, JS, and event names. Some work very differently like notifications/toast which seem to only show one message at a time now. A doc would have been helpful but be prepared to update most of your app. I just followed the kitchen sink examples for the most part. I love the updated components in V2 such as input field validation in md theme and toast positioning at the top so the upgrade has been worth it for me!

Please, Also Update The Official framework7-vue webpack/browserify templates to reflect the new Releases.