Framework7 v2 - refresh previous page but stay on current page


This probably has a simple enough solution. Any help will be greatly apreciated.

From home page I navigate to page 1 and them to page 2.
I would like to refresh page 1 without leaving page 2.

With the code bellow page 1 is beeing replaced with page 2. What am I doing wrong? thank you for your time.

function refresh_anterior (page,query) {
	var seconds = new Date().getTime() / 1000;
		app.router.navigate('/' + page + '/' + "?z=" + token + "&time=" + seconds + query, {
	  	reloadPrevious: true,
	  	ignoreCache: true,

Did you ever resolve this? I am trying to update the previous page before going back to it but it doesn’t work. I updated the route content but the previous page is in the dom and won’t refresh.