Framework7 v3?!

You’re working on a v3 now?!

Yep, there will be a blog post about it by the end of the week


I’m really interested in the reason behind this because the release of v2 isn’t that far away.
Hopefully it’ll be easy to upgrade from v2 too :slight_smile:

Main difference will be for Vue/React versions. Core version won’t have any breaking changes and won’t require any specific migrate guide


Okay. I’ll wait migrating our app to Vue.js then :slight_smile:

According last news, Google has updated Material Design to 2.0. Framework7 v3 will take into account that? And will there be more color variations?

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There will no be more color variations because they add a lot of potentially unused code and styles, and much larger file size to the F7’s stylesheet. There are only basic colors. In case you need more color themes you can easily add them using custom build


I guess I shouldn’t start V1 -> V2 migration and just do V1 -> V3 when it comes out?
(Vanilla app)

Looking forward to the blog post.

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Yeah you should definitely wait

Can anybody tell me how to use currently color variations ? Thanks