Framework7 v4 ++

just to be prepared…
any v5 plan?

Hmm, I can tell you but it is a secret. Don’t tell anyone but I’m thinking about going big for desktop apps: new macos and Windows themes and better integration with Electron and NW.js



i knew it

currently i’m using java (javaFX) for my desktop app (point-of-sale)
oracle decided to “drop” it (and there is no way i will go back to awt-swing)
it would be interesting to see “your” implementation of desktop app

thank you for everything

I think there is many people (like I) which waiting this for years…

Hi Vladimir,

Maybe we can save you the trouble :slight_smile: - we already build such a desktop app an year ago - the visual web & app builder as desktop app Wappler. For mobile developments it empowers Framework7 fully! With a all visual drag & drop builder. For web it uses Bootstrap4.

It’s main advantage next to being visual - its that it also includes a reactive Front-End called App Connect (similar to React/Vue/Angular but much easier and visual to use) and also a cross platform back-end framework.called Server Connect - that runs on any server side like PHP, ASP.NET - has a visual workflow builder and connects to any databases (MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL) and has a visual query builder as well.

So check it out:

Also one big advantage is the Wappler is all community driven - we have a great community behind it and we grant all their wishes on weekly base.

@gpetrov That looks good, but I think the major drawback is, it is another subscription based thing in the fields. (I, for one, get really annoyed by these subscription based stuff - but that’s maybe just me)


Adding Desktop support would be a nice benefit (also in terms of Electron, etc…).

Do have any good examples of electron application? I am use whatapp in windows - is very slower and buggy application

@shastox Did you try Atom?

No (…) / forum require 20 chars

Well we do have a free version - the pricing model is based on the components you use.
and unfortunately these days most services are subscription based.

I saw the free version, but tbh. that one is moot, since it has close to no really useful features e.g. compared to other available (and drastically cheaper) builders (e.g. Pinegrow, etc…).

No offense, but the basic version has nothing (for me), which would attract me. And the ‘Pro’ version is simply crazy expensive - you must build a whole bunch of commercial apps to reach any ROI.
And then: after the subscription expired, I loose all the features (so my previously paid projects stop working)? Good luck with that :wink:

I really don’t want to sound harsh - but I think that’s not a healthy business opportunity (also when considering the fact, that there’s no DevOps or something included). If the ‘Pro’ plan where priced like the ‘Basic’ plan, that could (maybe) work. But 400€/year to use the (more interesting) framework additions feels pretty much too much for me.

btw: I don’t consider wappler as a ‘service’ and - otoh - there are many other software-providers which use some other concepts, e.g. update-subscriptions, where updates are accessible for a certain amount of time (e.g. yearly) and after that, your software simple works in the state it is at that time (Sketch, Jetbrains, etc…))
That’s imo the better choice.

Well you are the judge of that. Our users have different opinion:

Also the subscription is for the tool usage, not of the end result.
And we also have a freelancers/educational licenses for 50% off

Hi @gpetrov,
thanks for your reply.
From what I read (your link), these guys are mostly DMX-users, and have no problems shell out another 50$ for their CC-subscription. (a bit less if only DW, of course ;)). I guess, they most likely work in a similar field on a day-by-day basis (or for companies paying their bills).

For Freelancers, working on different kind of projects, it’s not that easy. I (for one) work in a different field, but I like experimenting with tools and tech. Wappler would certainly be a most-welcome addition, but as it is now, it’s just over the top for me - cost-wise - (considering the fact, that I maybe only use it one or twice a year, without certain outcome).

Also: I haven’t found a version on your site, which allows me to check out the complete software-package except for the very basic features (where’s nothing in, I would be interested in). It seems, the demo-version already forces me to create an account (which I have no problems if I decide to use it, but if I decide to quit after checking out the demo, it’s also another account lurking around somewhere).
Btw: I didn’t find anything on a Freelancer-version on your site. Maybe you can shed a little light on that?

i dont want to interrupt you guys
but vladimir explicitly said: going big for desktop apps
to me it sound like he is going big for desktop apps
wait for it

personally i like the idea of “builders”
creating an app that let user create an app

technically this is what we all are doing
you dont really stream 0V|5V to the RAM using logic-gates (do you?)

in one way or another => we are all using builders

keep going

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Hi @gpetrov!

Yes, i am aware of Wappler, and wondering why are you still not my patron :grinning::blush:


Guys, there is probably a small misunderstanding. I’m not going to build any kind of desktop app. By “going big for desktop apps” i meant that Framework7 will have more support to develop desktop apps with it, e.g. new macOs and Windows themes in addition to iOS and MD themes, better support for Electron/NW.js environment, etc.

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По поводу v5 подкину хотелки, который, на мой взгляд, нужны в первую очередь:

  • Возможность router component раскидывать на файлы. Допустим, есть разные списки товаров, а шаблон одного товара он везде один. Сейчас я выношу шаблон товара Template7.registerPartial, но было удобно, если можно было бы раскидывать шаблон компонента роутера на несколько html-файлов.

  • Визуальный редактор на мой взгляд, бесполезная штука. Хотя бы потому, что есть много тонкостей в HTML-структуре, которые не описаны в доках, а их можно найти на GitHub’e, форуме или “самому догадаться”. А для простых вещей это визуальный билдер не нужен. Вот полный, структурированный список CSS-переменных, это был бы интересный раздел на сайте.

  • Ну и конечно Best Practice. Сложные и и интересные моменты. Главное, на мой взгляд, туда еще помещать информацию по F7+Cordova, например на форуме бывает проскакивает крайне редкая и очень полезная информация, но потом она, конечно, теряется.

Very true! I better get quickly on it!

You are doing such amazing job! And Wappler’s success partially depends on your great work!

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Yes making desktop apps are also very frequently requested in our Wappler community - so go for it @nolimits4web

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