Framework7 v6.3.8

Minor update arrived. Main new feature is that F7-Vue components should be correctly recognized with autocomplete in WebStorm. Thanks to @almazk :raised_hands:

Full Changelog:

Bug Fixes

  • react: fix not working correctly change event with swipe (9888e16)
  • svelte: method to get Smart Select instance in Link component (558b629), closes #3954


  • vue: add web-types for JetBrains editors (f2bd8f9)

This release solves the problem of unknown HTML tags in IDE WebStorm like <f7-*>. With this update older versions up to 6.3.8 are automatically resolved.

But If you cannot update, then you can solve as follows:

  1. download file schema description of types
  • and add the below parameter in the package.json
    "web-types": "./framework7-vue-web-types.json"
  • after that, WebStorm should automatically already understand all F7-Vue tags and pull up props & events as autocomplete option.

Perhaps the problem is being solved in other products of the Jetbrains family, I have not tested it yet.

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Hi, I noticed that there’s no disabled props on buttons or listbuttons, would be fine to addd thme next release :sunglasses::pray: