[Framework7 v6] f7params not extendable?

hi @nolimits4web on version 6 the f7params is not extendable? is it no longer support?

const f7params = {
name: 'MYAPP', // App name
theme: 'ios', // Automatic theme detection
id: 'my.app', // App bundle ID,
myCustomProp: 'hello'


myCustomProp will never be extended to f7Params or passedParams property. I need to access my custom params from my plugin

Thank you

You can use it something like this:

On app.js

var app = new Framework7({
  theme: 'auto',           // Automatic theme detection
  el: '#app',              // App root element
  component: App,          // App main component
  version: '2.0.0',        // App version id

And on about page:

<p>2021 (v${version})</p>
  export default (props, { $f7, $on, $update }) => {
     let version = $f7.version;
     return $render;