Framework7 v6 URL navigation issue

I have been try to create a web app using framework7 v6. Whenever I refresh the page, automatically it redirects to main-view page (URL have no change. If i was refresh in profile page , URL like http://localhost:3000/profile this. But home.f7 is render.). after refreshing page, it should keep me on current page. But it show main-view page (home page) View. The URL it shows current URL but visible page is home page.

I have set BrowserHistory:true for show current url.

@nolimits4web can you help me.

Would be good to see live example

I will create a live example and inform you. Thank you.

@nolimits4web I was try to diploy project using github vercel. But getting error ,

Error: No Output Directory named “dist” found after the Build completed. You can configure the Output Directory in your Project Settings. Learn More:

any idea.?

How is it related to Framework7? If you use vite your build directory should be set as www, not list

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@nolimits4web I was try to make a live example for showing my exact problem to you.