Framework7 + Vitejs Bug, init called multiple times

Hi, i have created a brend new F7 project, with the UI, to reproduce the bug.
New f7 project, core js, with vite.
In the dynamic-route.f7 i have a sortable table. When sorting is done, i do something (now i print a console). If i go back to the home and i go to dynamic-route again, the print is called twice. I i repeat, the print is printed eache time i go back and i load the page.

Attached the simple code i have added to the dynamic-route.f7, the only code i have added. (i can embedd only one code image)

var streamingList = [‘lista1’, ‘lista2’, ‘lista3’];

$f7.on(‘sortableSort’, function (listEl, indexes) {
arraymove(streamingList, indexes.from,;

$f7.on('sortableDisable', function (listEl, indexes) {
  console.log("sortable disable");


function arraymove(arr, fromIndex, toIndex) {
      var element = arr[fromIndex];
      arr.splice(fromIndex, 1);
      arr.splice(toIndex, 0, element);

function saveData() {
console.log(‘save corse’);

Not sure, but it might be that the f7 event is being binded again, because the previous listeners arent destroyed. Are you doing those sort binds in the mount or after page init events of page?