Framework7-Vue 5.4.0 Navigate


I’ve used framework7 version 1 and 2.
But I’m newbie in framework7-vue 5.4.0, especially about how to navigate to other page after login.

alertLoginData() {
  this.$f7.dialog.alert('Username: ' + this.username + '<br>Password: ' + this.password, () => {
          //here is the place to redirect to other page

Thanks for your help

app.views.main.router.navigate('/login/', {force: 'true', ignoreCache: true});
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it returns error with this message
app is not defined

this.$f7.router.navigate('/login/', {force: 'true', ignoreCache: true});

it returns error with this message
Uncaught Error: Framework7: it is not allowed to use router methods on global app router. Use router methods only on related View, e.g. app.views.main.router.navigate(...)