Framework7 + Vue.js Route (inner template and views navigating)

Hi! Im kinda new to Framework7 and vue.js, but after seeing what it does I decided to just dive into it build my app using the two.

I started the project using Holly’s basic template , where everything is just plain js, css, and html. Im not really experienced with webpack which is why I decided to go with this specific template.
So how my structure looks is like this:

  • I have everything implemented in one file, my index.html

  • Everything is inside my

  • I have 4 views(one being main-view) as tabs inside of f7-views and a couple of template components/pages outside the views tag

  • I’ve defined all my vue components and routes in my app.js file

  • Im more of a visualist , so I made a sketch of how the structure of the index.html looks. I hope it makes