[Framework7-Vue] Question about left-to-right transition between page

Is it possible to choose the back-link="Back" transition for a custom f7-link?

I would like to customize f7-nav-left maintaining the back page transition (from left to right).

Original code

    <f7-navbar back-link="Back"/>

It generate a left-to-right transition (going back)

My custom code

         @click="$f7router.navigate({name: 'home'})"

It generate a right-to-left transition (going forward). I would like the back tansition.

Thank you for your help.

Reading better the documentation I’ve found the right code to use.

    <f7-navbar back-link back-link-url="/">

The back-link-url accept only url string, It’s not possibile to use dynamic $f7router.navigate.

Sorry for the quick question, I leave to help someone in the future in the same situation.

Possible: back(‘url’);

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This is what I was looking for.

Thank you @shastox. :+1: