Framework7 Vue routing

Hi all, am new to this framework… Need help with routing for framework7 vue. On refresh if user is in the “Add User Page” (when user press F5 or refresh button in the browser), how do I ensure he stays on that page. Currently, it always redirect to login page. prolly because of the url as seen below.


var routes = [
name: ‘login’,
path: ‘/login/’,
component: LoginPage,
name: ‘adduser’,
path: ‘/adduser’,
component: AddUserPage,

You may need to enable pushState:

<f7-view main :push-state="true" ... />

Still have no idea how to implement it. I tried putting <f7-view main :push-state="true" ... /> in my respective vue pages but doesn’t seem to work.

currently inside my app.vue, i am using

addUser() {
      this.$f7ready($f7 => {

to call my adduser.vue. And inside adduser.vue template i added the push-state = true.

@nolimits4web are you able to help me please…