Framework7-Vue swipeout vue component

Is there any method or prop that I can use to open swipeout?
I want to open swipeout when user click the list item.

hi @enylin,

i didnt try, but reading the doc;, side, callback) - reveal swipeout actions on specified element

el - HTMLElement or string (with CSS Selector) of list (

  • ) element with “swipeout” class. Required
    side - string (could be “left” or “right”) swipeout actions to open. Should be specified if item has both left and right swipeout actions. Optional
    callback - function - callback function will be executed after swipeout element completes its opening animation
    you can make a function to open the swipeout when the user click the list itme
  • ...
    < li class='list-item' @click='openSwipeout'>my list item</li>
    openSwipeout() {
      this.$, side, callback)
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    I was expecting that I can control the list-item open/close by passing different values into props like sheet-model, action sheet.
    But it seems that this is the only way.
    Thank you :slight_smile:

    i dont understand what you need, sry english its no my language.
    you need like a dynamic swipeout?

    I don’t want to set an id or class on component, so I need a vue component prop for list-item which can control swipeout (open/close).

    For example,
    The prop ‘opened’ allow users to open/close Action Sheet

    There is also a prop called ‘opened’ which allows users to open/close Action Sheet.

    ok still dont understand fully what you need.
    but you can add a v-if=‘opened’ to the vue-component where you have your swipeout, then just add an event listener and emit that event to change what you need.

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    It can’t be changed by prop at the moment, only using API