Framework7-Vue + Vuex + Vuex ORM

Hi there!

Is it possible to use Framework7-Vue with Vuex + Vuex ORM?
Anyone have done it?
Or do you any suggestion about ORM in Framework7-Vue?

Thanks before.

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I use f7 + vuex since v1. Never had a problem. Now I have a huge store with lots of namespace vuex stores. One for each module of my app. It works fine.
Now im using f7 v5

Hi, Pvtallulah!

Thanks for your response, could to show me your project structure?
Did you use vuex ORM to in your project? Sorry, I just moved from framework7 core to framework7 vue :sweat_smile:


import store from './store/'

new Vue({
  el: '#app',


// import all store modules
import LoginModule from './Login'
new Vuex.Store({
  modules: {
    login: LoginModule,


// use the store as you want
...mapActions('login', [ 'saveUserLogins']),

i just follow the vuex doc

Thanks for your help :wink: