Framework7 Vue + Webpack + Cordova + Sqlite3

i have created an app with Framework7 + Vue + Webpack.

For test on Android device i create the “www” folder with this cli command : “npm run build-prod” and after copy the folder “www” into cordova project folder and run on device with this command: “cordova run android”.

This procedure is very long to activate every time for test the change of project.

Now, i need to integrate a SQLite3. The sqlite is possibile to install only in cordova project but not in folder where is framework7.

How i can create only one folder where are the cordova + framework7 Webpack + vue + sqlite3 and test it on browser, or on android device, with live reload ? … or sometimes view the result on device android?

Thanks in advance

Can you help me ?
How i can integrate sqlite and test it on my browser?

You can not use SQLite in browser

Every time i need to build app to test on device ?

Check everything at once in the browser. And if you use plugins for CORDOVA, start the emulator.
And every time you write the code, first check in the browser through
npm run start.
Then only a pack for android through npm run build-cordova-android-dev.
At the end, cordova will generate a link to the APK file for you. And just throw it into the Androyd emulator. And you wanted to do a parallel development. Types do you write the code, it automatically compiles into Android? I only saw this in React Native.

You can write a REST API in NODEJS, PHP, etc.

And you can use SQLITE3 as a database. For the server side.
And from the Client side you can use AXIOS send requests and receive responses in the form of JSON objects and read them in the client part. Framework7 + vuejs is for the client part of the application.

This is my repository
I have implemented that. Quite late but hope it helps

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