Framework7 with React, which version?

I working with a template I downloaded that is based off of Framework7 v1.5, and I am building a react app out of it, working from a basic create-react-app sample. I am new to both React and Framework7. My question is, should I just stay with Framework7 v1.x and follow the current docs, or should I start working with V3/V2. I see on npmjs that Beta 13 was pushed a few days ago.

The Framework7-React doc site states that the docs are only for V1.x, I am assuming that only refers to the docs themselves and that Framework7 V3 is fully supporting React and that the docs are lagging.

Any pointers would be helpful.

John Gentilin

Hi gentijo,
I’m a vue user, so i never worked with react. But in my opinion, i would use v3. I had a project with f7-vue V1. And i migrate it to v2. It was a big project, it took me a while. But at the end it was the right choice. You can start with the v1 docs. Since there is no v2 docs for react. To know how f7 works, etc. But i definitely would use v3 when the docs are online.

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I noticed there is no template for react in templates page, anyone knows why ?

Because F7-React v1 was not really official solution. F7-React v3 is not released yet

hmm, but there is official f7 react docs ? confused.

btw, I was wrong I see there is 2 Starter App Templates in docs home page, but I wish we have a template with webpack + cordova plugins and with side panels etc as in vue template, not everyone is ready for v3.

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Thank you for all the feedback…

I cloned this project,

Then ran;
npm install
npm start

The code compiled and ran, seems to work well.

When I run
npm list | grep -i framework, the version tied to the app seem low.
Should I force up to Beta 14 or is there not that much difference
[email protected] /home/gentijo/Projects/Node/FW7-React-v3
├─┬ [email protected]
├── [email protected]
├── [email protected]

Yes, always use latest version