Going from framework 5.7.5 to framework 6.0.4

Sorry but i have a simple question. Where are the “framework7.bundle.css” and " framework7.bundle.min.js" files. I don’t see them anywhere in framework 6.0.4 zip file. Unless they are named differently now?

They’re named framework7-bundle with a hyphen.

i don’t see “framework7-bundle” anywhere in the zip. i only seeing package.json in “packages/core” . i usually go to “packages/core/css/framework7.bundle.css” and “packages/core/js/framework7.bundle.min.js” in v5 and include them in my index file .

i don’t see that in the v6 zip file.

There is no JS/CSS files in zip anymore. You can download them, for example, from unpkg https://unpkg.com/[email protected]/ or use NPM instead

Thanks man. This is what i needed

Sorry man. But now that i have include the new js and css. I just getting a blank page. i cannot get the new files to work
Update: i think its something with the js.

Update 2: i fixed it. in my app.js i needed to change root to el

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