Google map not showing in android app

HI friends, google map not showing in android app, after build the project…please anyone give me solution…I was using phonegap build.

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Its verry dificult to get what you need, can you share your config.xml? do you see any CSP error in the console?
its working on ios?

No error in console. Not working android and IOS…I need to fix this issue.

Maven Hello World sample application that responds to the deviceready event. PhoneGap Team

I never used google maps on any app i made.
but did you check you CSP? maybe its blocked by CSP

Ok, but how to solve this issue…

i dont know if csp is your issue, or you have somthing in the code. As you dont share the code and describe to little.

Ok. I want login and registration page source code…You have the code?

what? i didnt understand, login and registration for what?. i dont want the source code of your app. just the part with the error. the config.xml might help, also index.html csp.

Ok my friend, I will check the issue… thank you.