Greety (iOS) F7 + Cordova Phonegap + WKWebView

Greety is a fast and easy way to send your warm wishes to each and every contact from your 1000+ list! :grinning:

This application was developed using F7 2.0 (later migrated to 3.0) + Vanilla JS + 3 months. Build with

To speed up the work, the plug-in cordova-plugin-ionic-webview ^ 2.0.0-beta.2 was installed (works only on iOS WKWebView). :slightly_smiling_face:

A little simplified virtual list (removed all unnecessary logic for maximum acceleration) and added a little bit of other CSS on the advice of Google’s webmasters. :sunglasses: It got a little faster.

Attention! We still do not know how the application works and looks in real iPhoneX (except for emulators, of course). :exploding_head:

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Really nice app :+1:
Can you please send PR to add this app to the website Showcase?

On iPhoneX it looks wrong, looks like you forgot to use relevant splash screen image

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P.S. AppStore page says it is only in English, but as I see there few languages supported

Thank you for comment. We will send the app on your website soon. Thank you for invitation and for the screenshot. It really helps, we will change asap.

We are in a procees of updating version in App Store where we also added the descriptions in Russian and Japanese. The interesting thing - we developed an Arabic version with RTL. :sunglasses: