Hafla Beta: Plan your time with friends in a πŸ˜‰ - and discover cool new stuff!

Hey guys this is my third app made with f7 and this time I tried to put in everything I learned! It ist still in Beta and i would love to hear our opinions and feedbeek about it.

Hafla is an App for planing and managing your activities with friends. It connects through your phonebook to your friends, using hafla! Once an Event is created, invite your friends and let’s go! In a group chat you can make out the details and easily manage and see who is going to join you.

Got no idea what todo? Hafla also helps here! We make suggestions about local activities which you might like, based on your preferences! After discovering the right activity just plan it with your friends through Hafla.

I will try to graduall add more and more suggestions about local activities and try to make the suggestions algorithm better and in regards of the distances. Since I will start the App in my hometown of vienna the landing page is on German and the current suggestions aswell but i will gradually add more and English translations will come aswell. So I hope you will check it out and give me your feedback!

Landing Page

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Wasn’t able to pass phone validation as it limited to US and Austria only :pensive:

I will provide you with a master key to check it out :slight_smile: