Hafla - Leave boredom at home!

Hey guys! I hope everyone is doing well!

I started working on an app months ago and now it has come to a showable stage! The app is hafla! Hafla should make suggestions for your free time and make planning with friends easier!
I would ask you to try the free app and definitely leave a review! I would be very, very grateful to you for that! Ideally even with text haha.

Where can you find the app? In the AppStore at hafla or via our landing page

Landing Page

Google Play

App Store

I am very grateful to you for your support! Ah yeah Please tell your friends about it :slight_smile: And give me your feedback!

Are you missing a suggestion in the app? Write to me and I will enter it!


Very cool! Thanks for sharing! Best of luck with downloads.

Looks very nice. Installed, but my country phone code isn’t available. So i can’t test it.

thanks a lot for trying it out, since its a really location based app we wanted to start out in a few selected countries but will expand as soon as we notice that there is demand :slight_smile:

I hope to win you back when we reach your country! Where are you based?

Send PR to website to add it to https://framework7.io/showcase/

I’m from Argentina…

I have done that right now, but i am not sure on how to add icons/screenshots