Handle navigation "behind" popup

Currently, I have a routable popup which works OK. We use popups as ‘news flash’ items, with a button “Show more” inside. Now the “Show more” button goes to another page inside the popup, as it is routabe (has .view.view-init container). This works as expected within a routable popup.

I would like to have the button “Show more” close the popup, and continue navigation in the view behind. Preferably I don’t want to add a data-popup attribute to the show-more button as these “news flash” pages can be loaded as well inside other views.

Already tried to disable the view, by removing view-init and was hoping it should then use the current active view, being the one “behind” the popup.

<div class="view view-init" data-links-view=".view-main"> - will open links in View specified in data-links-view

Thanks @nolimits4web! This was exactly what I was looking for, probably missed this in the documentation. (maybe because the v5 documentation doesn’t have a search function anymore :see_no_evil:)