Hello everyone, I have some questions to ask about the multiple choice of smart select

There are a couple of questions. I don’t know how to solve them

  1. Register a method by clicking on the options in the “optgroup”. For example, use “onclick” or $$("#id"). On (“click”… ). I tried. I can’t.

  2. I want to use “indexed list” control in smart select, how to do it? I tried to insert "<ul class="list-index"></ul>" label, which does not work.

Please help me, thank you very much.

Can anyone help me? thx

  1. Click on option element can’t be registered
  2. By default indexed list is not supported with smart select

Thank you. I tried. Now it’s working.

Hi @AppleTree, could you pls tell me what did you do for the ‘indexed list’ ?
Thank you

[email protected],You need to rewrite the index-list plugin.( https://github.com/boynet/Framework7-Indexed-List-plugin)
like this:

var myIndexList = mySmartSelectList.find('.smart-select-page'); //smartSelect obj
var letters = myIndexList.find('.item-divider');  

There is a bug where you can’t use a virtual list.

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Thanks for your reply and help, I am going to try it.