Hero Transition

Is it possible to create such a hero transition with framework7?

In addition you can find a video.

you can use “Expandable Cards”
look at the bottom of this doc:


Or you want the exact animation? if you are looking for the exact animation i think you should write the css to achive that animation with expandable cards.

Thats it, thank you very much. As I’m loving to work with v1, is there any way to work with such expandable cards in v1?

i dont know. Maybe read the v4 sources and try to add the functionality manually to your project. But if your project is not too big. in would suggest to migrate to v4.
good luck

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Unfortunately it’s very big. BTW: I don’t understand why so much of the structure was changed between versions v1 to v4. this makes it almost impossible for me to switch to a more current version. Anyway: Thank you very much. I will try to read the source of these cards in v4 and recreate.

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