Hi, how do I set up a route for my custom pages to work (CORE v5.7.12)?

I have been using Framework7 v.1 and I would to upgrade to the latest version but I can’t seem to make it to work.
I need a sample code for a working custom routes and pages.

Thank you in advance!

try routing from framework.
then use app.views.main.router.navigate('path')

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thanks for the quick response but I’ve tried all that… with no luck :man_facepalming:t5::man_facepalming:t5::man_facepalming:t5:, I am probably missing something, so I would need someone to get me a working code sample and how to get it to work

You can try Kitchen Sink that provided by Framework7

No route = Blank page. Don’t need to define every page, normally this will suffice. More detail about OP’s code would be nice

// Default route, match to all pages (e.g. 404 page)
      path: '(.*)',
      url: './pages/404.html',

Kitchen Sink does not include router as suggested by the OP

I think you’re doing too much at once. I suggest taking more time reading the differences since nolimits4web writes very detailed migration posts. You should do this one step at a time. aka V1->V2->V3->V4->V5. I guarantee there will be very little code you need to modify twice if at all. It’s worth it

Here I’ll link it for you save you the search:


This should be the best practice for it!.. Thanks man :slight_smile: