Hidden navbar appear broken

I am playing with hiding the navbar dynamically, but it appears that the “hidden” prop is broken:

  <f7-page name="home" tab>
<!-- Top Navbar -->
<f7-navbar ref="navbar" title="Feed" :hidden="true"></f7-navbar>

<f7-block strong v-if="!user.cards">
  <h3>Ciao 👋</h3>
  <f7-button @click="getStarterPack" color="green">Apri il pacchetto di benvenuto</f7-button>

<f7-popup class="demo-popup" :opened="showPackOpener">
      <f7-button @click="hidePackOpener" color="red">chiudi</f7-button>


With this simple code, where you can see that navbar has the hidden property hidden. The navbar is still rendered.

The same thing happens if I give it a ref and try to hide it manually:


the navbar is still there.