hideToolbarOnOpen: true || Does not work

Hello everybody,

I am trying to hide the toolbar in the bottom of my app, when I click to open an expandable card. However it does not hide the toolbar. I tried the other parameters aswell for example “swipeToClose: false” and that does work. After I set the swipe to false, I could not anymore swipe the expanded card to close it, so that works. But why does the hideToolbarOnOpen: true, not work. I just doesn’t hide the toolbar. I am very frustrated, as I am trying for a long time…

Is there someone that perhaps can help me out?

I would really appreciated it!

My code below is added in app.js.

 card: {
    hideNavbarOnOpen: true,
    hideToolbarOnOpen: true,
    hideStatusbarOnOpen: true,
    swipeToClose: true