How can I pass a props object to a page loaded via a data-url?

I’m using a popup view to load a page via a data url as follows:

  <div class="popup combo-crud-popup">
    <div class="view view-init" data-url="/combo-crud/${}"></div>
export default (props, {}) => {
  console.log(props) //  I want to pass the full props object to the route in the data-url above
  return $render; 

I can pass a single attribute in the data-url (for example ${}), but I really want to be able to pass the full props object to the /combo-crud/ page.

[ Start Page ] —{props}—>[ Popup View ]—{props}—>[ Page loaded into view by data-url]

Is there some way to pass the props object in the route?

here => boring-murdock-9dlnn6

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@deejay That works great! Thanks.

Is $tick recommended in all cases like this? I’ve never used that before, and I don’t really understand it. I guess a better way of asking the question is…what could go wrong if $tick isn’t used?

not in all cases
in this case tick make sure that:
$f7.views[props.view] is available (namely: view is initialized) inside $onMounted

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