How can you detect tabShow on routable tab with unloadTabContent: false

When using

unloadTabContent: false,

tabInit will only fire the first time (which makes sense) and tabShow doesn’t work in this context. But how can I detect when it’s showed subsequent times?

This issue is described here but no solution (that I understand at least):

@nolimits4web mentions that:

"tabShow/Hide events are supported on Tab element which is the parent for what you have in router component "

Как это “нет решения”? Владимир же четко ответил на вопрос как ловить Show/Hide: нужно ловить их в “… parent …” и передавать через Events Bus в отдельные вкладки.

For those with similar problem the tabShow can be detected like this:

app.on('tabInit tabShow', function (a, b) {
  // get whatever info from tab
  var id = $$(a).attr('id');
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